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Понедельник, 24. Март, 2014 - 13:35

I used to think I worked hard, working half the night, till I'd finally fall asleep on the computer, often waking up there an hour or two later.  Now I have an even bigger workload!  Before I left Crimea, we organized the moving of the sifrei Torahs to an alternate location in Simferopol, away from the "action."  A temporary "aron kodesh" was hastily set up, and davening was held there for several weeks. Now, with guards in place at the shul, services are again in their regular location.  

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We have been interviewed, and written up both correctly and incorrectly.  One newspaper wrote that we took a sefer Torah with us, and another dozen followed suit --totally untrue!  The sifrei Torah, including our personal family sefer Torah are in Simferopol. We are running around trying to raise funds for the new big costs of guards and surveillance systems.  If anyone is willing to make a parlor meeting, we will travel to you!  If anyone would like to contribute to the crisis fund, they can do so on this site.  

We are organizing classes on Skype at various times.  Anyone who would like can join in.  We are learning hilchos Pesach, chassidus, and more.   


Plans are underway for Pesach, if anyone needs help, they know they can turn to us, for counseling, physical needs, or just a listening ear.  Yes, there are those who say "it's quiet now," but others are very fearful...

Nowadays, when I'm about to doze off at 3 or 4 a.m., chances are someone will be Skyping or calling me from Crimea...  and I am wide awake and back to work again.....

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betty seidner пишет...

May G-d help you all keep safe.....and keep up your good work.....really don't know the politics...nor understand exactly whats going on.......never really understood the separation.... just know for years it was difficult to be Jewish....and Jewdiasm has come alive....did that change? Best wishes for your continued success....Esther Ruth Baila....(Betty)