Purim Celebrated in Simferopol

Пятница, 21. Март, 2014 - 9:52

Normally, we would have had a much larger turnout... However, in spite of the turmoil around them, and Purim being the day of the Crimean referendum, over 40 members of Chabad of Crimea gathered for an Israeli themed Purim program in Simferopol where the Megillah was read and they were able to carry out the mitzvos of Purim. Mishloach monos were exchanged, matonos l'evyonim was given to more than 2 poor Jewish people on the day of Purim, and of course a delicious Purim meal was enjoyed by one and all. The Megillah was also read Motzai Shabbos, in the synagogue. We thank our very own Mordechai who stepped up to the plate to read the megillah. He deserves so much credit, as he never even heard the Megillah read before! Thanks to Ari for helping him, and a tremendous thanks to Shira Malka for organizing everything and stepping in to take over for me during my TEMPORARY absence. Chabad of Crimea has continued and intensified its programs unabated throughout the current crisis, and G-d willing, will continue to do so.

If you know of anyone who is in need of help because of the situation, please contact us at  "Contact Us" above.

If you are able to help financially, with the huge costs of multiple surveillance and security systems, guards, and food, we appreciate your either sending it securely and tax deductible online at "Donate" 

or send a check to Chabad of Crimea, 1601 Union Street, Brooklyn, NY 11213.  Thank you!  Leah

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