BE GRATEFUL! (And not Grateful Dead)

Среда, 09. Февраль, 2011 - 10:38

Do not read further if you are faint hearted!

There is absolutely no getting used to this place.  When you think you are accustomed to everything, something else will happen to make you realize that. 


 A woman just called me from the states.  She had come in the summer to bury her uncle, after receiving a phone call that he had been murdered and was in the morgue, awaiting burial.  When she'd arrived, she was informed that, actually, he had died many months previous to that time, and had been buried in an unidentified mass grave.  It took till now for them to be able to locate his body, and she can now come and rebury him -- for the nominal (actually astronomical here) fee of $1,000 USD.  Then she was asked what she would like to do  with his head and hands..........?!?!?!  What?  Well, they were in the prosecutor's office in jars, since they had needed them for the "investigation."  Now they no longer were in need of them, so should they put them in storage, or dispose of them?  She is having recurring dreams of her uncle coming to her.  I am afraid that I might join her, as I envision the head of her uncle, in a glass jar, entreating me to bury his scattered body! 

This woman told me that as soon as she got off the plane in America, she literally fell to her knees and kissed the ground, and thanked Hashem that she lives in the states, and not here!  She had been born here, and lived here as a child.  She cannot fathom how a country can have so much knowledge, and fall to such a level, like a third world country!  Now we "just" need to find 10 Jewish men who will be willing to travel to Yalta so that kaddish can be said at the funeral. 

BE GRATEFUL FOR EVERYTHING THAT YOU HAVE!  Do not take anything for granted!  Think about how many of you, had your ancestors not left this place, would be living here still today! 

I would like to suggest taking upon oneself to undertake (no pun intended -- ugh!) to do a mitzvah which you have not done till now,  in gratitude to the One Above, that you live in truely free countries (yes, despite all their mishugasim!) and to elevate the soul of this poor man, who is still not buried.



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