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Среда, 11. Ноябрь, 2009 - 8:42

I've been remiss about posting, as it has constantly been hectic, but  now all's quiet on the western front, or whatever...  Because of the Swine Flu scare here in Ukraine, all schools, universities, theaters,     etc. are closed for three weeks!  The two boys who had been living    with us are in yeshiva now, so in that way it's much calmer, as well.         I think my days of raising boys are over, pretty much!  I think we   finally have the heat ready to roll in the school, and the shul is moving    a whole one block closer to us!  (I walk a half an hour to shul twice every Shabbos, and a bit longer back, since it's uphill!)  The new    place is not only a lot less expensive, it's a better location (next to a  park instead of a liquor store,) and is brighter and in better condition     -- it's called "Evro-remont" here;  i.e. like in Europe.  It also has a     gate and will have a security camera system, G-d willing.

Last Shabbos was a nice one.  A group came on a Shabbaton from Kharkov.  A girl who used to learn in Bais Menachem had just got-   ten married as well, and she came with her husband and their parents.  We made sheva brochos for them both on Shabbos and after Shab-bos.  Saturday night they said they could only come for a short time, since they had to go out with her family.  Imagine our surprise when  they walked in all decked out from a reception that was basically a second wedding, here in Simferopol!  

Next wedding is already on the horizon!  We're getting ready!




Pictures show: Sheindel and Dovid Gershon; Don Yaakov with       boys from other cities; and Menachem Mendel Gitman.

Kol tuv!  Leah 

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