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Kindness and Tzedaka -- NOW!

Вторник, 01. Апрель, 2008 - 22:10

There is a wonderful email I get daily, called "A Daily Dose of Kindness.  In response to his wife's tragic death in the Sbarro bombing, Shmuel Grenbaum has people report on positive acts of kindness they've done, to act as a catalyst to people doing further acts of kindness, as opposed to seeking revenge. For more information about it, you can contact Shmuel at Info@TraditionOfKindness.Org.

The current quote of the week is the following: 

The best advice is for a person to give generously while they are alive and also do kindness.


Who knows when their time will end, and if their intentions will be fulfilled or not? 

          (Kav HaYashar, Chapter 30)*















Please help us help others, especially now, before Pesach, when the need is so great!


Click here to help.  








Kav HaYashar was written by Rabbi Tzvi Hirsch Kaidanover and published in 1705. The author was born in Vilna. His father was considered one of the greatest Torah scholars of his time, and his writings are still studied. Kav HaYashar was originally written in Hebrew, and has been translated into Yiddish, Ladino and English, and has been reprinted over 80 times since it was first written. Kav HaYashar was quoted often by the famous Chida and Yalkut Meam Loez.


Комментарии: Kindness and Tzedaka -- NOW!

Lisa P пишет...

People everywhere celebrate World Kindness Day. Each year on November 13, people take the time to highlight kindness in many different ways. It is a time to focus on something or someone else other than ourselves; beyond the boundaries we place between our comfort zones and the district shared by many. This is also a time to show empathy to those people needs care from us. It is a chance to give quick loans without the thought of return, straight from the heart. We, as imperfect humans, tend to find anything to justify why we fail to help one another. Petty reasoning such as culture, sex, gender, race, religion, political affiliation, social class and much more supports common excuses. Most of the time, convenience is the main concern. Lets not be selfish! Nonetheless, once you choose to take the time to help others, especially in ways they are otherwise unable to do for them, you’ll discover how easy it is. Something so easy can really result to self-fulfillment. For instance, perhaps you don’t have the money to donate to a charity of your preference, but remember your time is a lot more rewarding. For great ideas in that case, you can visit websites like However, if you want to make a donation but do not have the money on hand, quick cash loans can help pay forward to someone in need. There’s a blessing in giving, and surely you will receive more than you’ve given. Let’s make World Kindness Day a landmark moment for many of us, extending ourselves in the service of others like never before. Let us all show a little compassion, like how quick loans have become a portrayal of acts of kindness.