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Понедельник, 12. Январь, 2009 - 1:26

I've been kind of remiss about posting here.  Our internet provider, which was never great, called us a few months ago, and told us that they will be giving us faster service at no extra charge.  Since then, it has not only gotten slower, but it is frequently not working altogether.

This morning I got a post from my friend, Shmuel Greenbaum.  Shmuel's wife Shoshana a"h was murdered in the terrorist attack at Sbarro's in Yerushalayim.  In her memory, he started "A Tradition Of Kindness" and "Partners In Kindness," which encourage people around the world to do an act of kindness each day.  Today's post was entitled "An End to Kindness?"  Apparently, there is a dearth of stories, and he was asking for more.  While writing a number of stories for him to use, I realized that actually, I should post one of them right here. 

My laptop is very sensitive, its battery seems to have died, and it frequently says is about to close down (like now.)  So let's hope my laptop and internet stay on, and the website also cooperates while I write and post this...

We have a 12 year old boy, kind of an orphan, living with us.  He was brought up,  if one can call it that, under difficult circumstances.  He never met his father, and his mother is always away.  First he lived in a small, poor village, and later with a gentile "babushka" who took money for him, and used nearly all of it for herself.  Now, boruch Hashem, he lives with  us.  When he says Tehillim on the Shabbos preceding the new Jewish month, I offered to give him 5 grivni (under a dollar) for each of the 5 books he reads. 

When the tragedy in Mumbai occured, he quietly said to me "Leah, take the 25 grivni I have, and give it to the little boy, Moishie."  I was quite moved, as he has nothing else for himself.  But at least he feels secure in knowing that he has a home with us.
Chanukah, he got a griven or two each night for Chanukah gelt, and he played dreidle with the other students the entire week.  He was the school champion.  After Chanukah, he again came to me, saying "Leah, here is all of the money that I got on Chanukah.  Give this also to the boy from Mumbai!"
"How goodly are your tents, Oh Yaakov; your dwelling places, Oh Israel." 
Hashem -- reveal Moshiach already, and let the redemption begin!
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Shlomo пишет...

Thank you for the story. What I've learnt from it was you do not have to be a millionaire to do a charity. Even a single dollar may become a valuable donation. There is always room for donation once you follow your heart and set your mind on helping out those in needs or less fortunate ones. Leah, Was that boy actually Jewish?