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Are You New Here? Welcome!

Понедельник, 08. Декабрь, 2008 - 5:02

Are you new here?  Then I would like to welcome you!  Sholom!  Who are we and where are we?  We are the Lubavitche Rebbe's emissaries to the all but forgotten corner of the world called Crimea.  In order to learn more about us, I invite you to read the letters I wrote detailing our zany adventures and misadventures in this peninsula, located below mainland Ukraine, in the Black and Azov Seas, a mere two hours north of Eretz Yisroel by plane, but practically in a different time warp! 

The letters can be found in the oldest archives on the right, or here.

I also invite you to view our photo albums and the brochure about our school.

Feel free to peruse the rest of the site, as well.  All the best of Chabad is here, including the comprehensive online magazine, multimedia including the popular Kabbala Toons and Itche Kadoozy Show and the newest addition Stick Figure Vignettes, as well as children's and women's sections, holiday information, information about Shabbos hospitality and kosher food in Crimea, candle-lighting times, and much much more.   A well stocked Judaica Store, and bargain filled Shop & Raise section are also here for you, and if you would like to help us in our vital work, you can securely donate online as well.

We are also happy to announce that very soon, G-d willing our site will have a new appearance.  splash screen inviting you to view either the English site, or a brand new full RUSSIAN LANGUAGE SITE!  Look out for it!

We hope you feel at home here, and will come back often to visit us!  Please let us know what you think of our site, and if you have any needs you would like to see addressed here.

Paka for now!  



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