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Vote for Leah!

Четверг, 25. Сентябрь, 2008 - 4:02

If you don't mind, please take a moment to click on the link below and vote for an amazing teenager, Leah Larson, the  granddaughter of a good friend of ours, Rus Krieger, who promotes Yiddishkeit in a fun and attractive way through her professional magazine "Yaldah" She started the magazine when she was only 13 years old (!) and it is put together totally by young girls. It will be a quick and easy mitzvah. Her magazine is a shlichus in and of itself - reaching out to so many young girls accross the globe. If you don't already subcribe and get it for your daughters, I highly recommend it! is the link to "Yaldah".

The voting really only takes a minute. Right now, the voting is quite close, but Leah is only in second place. Let's give her a boost! She already won $10,000 as one of 5 semi-finalists, but stands to win another $100,000 if she wins. She has signed a contract with Barnes and Nobel, and this will allow her to take the magazine to a new level.

"Please vote for me and my daughter. She has big plans for Yaldah Media. Thanks for your support, and please tell a friend!

Evelyn [Chava] Krieger"

Thank you!

Kesiva v'chasima tova! May you have a good and sweet year!



Комментарии: Vote for Leah!

Leah Larson пишет...

Thanks so much for spreading the word! I just created a widget with info, links & a countdown of how many dates are left to vote. You can embed it in your blog by going to (scroll to the bottom of the homepage) and click 'share' on the bottom left corner of the widget. You'll get lots of options for sharing on facebook, myspace, blogs, e-mail, etc.
Thanks again!