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Kindness and Tzedaka -- NOW!

There is a wonderful email I get daily, called "A Daily Dose of Kindness.  In response to his wife's tragic death in the Sbarro bombing, Shmuel Grenbaum has people report on positive acts of kindness they've done, to act as a catalyst to people doing further acts of kindness, as opposed to seeking revenge. For more information about it, you can contact Shmuel at [email protected].

The current quote of the week is the following: 

The best advice is for a person to give generously while they are alive and also do kindness.


Who knows when their time will end, and if their intentions will be fulfilled or not? 

          (Kav HaYashar, Chapter 30)*















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Kav HaYashar was written by Rabbi Tzvi Hirsch Kaidanover and published in 1705. The author was born in Vilna. His father was considered one of the greatest Torah scholars of his time, and his writings are still studied. Kav HaYashar was originally written in Hebrew, and has been translated into Yiddish, Ladino and English, and has been reprinted over 80 times since it was first written. Kav HaYashar was quoted often by the famous Chida and Yalkut Meam Loez.


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