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Hurry, Hurry!

The end of the fiscal year is quickly approaching, and with it, your last chance to get in those tax deductions from Uncle Sam, or your other local tax agency.  Unlike Chabad in most places, due to the financial situation here, which is only getting worse, due to enormous inflation, we are not able to raise much of our funds locally.  We appeal to you, our friends around the world, to please dig deep and see what you can come up with to help Chabad of Crimea and the Bais Menachem Jewish School of Simferopol -- the only full Jewish Day School in Crimea!  Please check out our photo galleries  and Bais Menachem's brochure, as well as previous blog entries to see what we're doing.  We truly appreciate your help, and will gladly send you a receipt for tax purposes.  You can make donations online, or send checks to: Chabad of Crimea, 1601 Union Street, walk-in, Brooklyn, NY 11213.  For wiring info, please contact me at Thanks so much!


There Went Chanukah!

Chanukah is over, but thought you'd like to see this clip.  Former Camp Gan Yisroel of Crimea counselor "Crazy Mendy" Pellin, known around the world for his song "Simferopol is the Place to be" (" long as you don't mess with the KGB") went on to achieve fame with his creation of ChabadTube.  Here's his Chanukah clip, "Here Comes Chanukah!" which, while he missed out on our pics, does mention Simferopol.  Enjoy! 


A Small Menorah Miracle: A Tale of Divine Providence

A week before Chanukah we got permission to put up our “big” public menorah on a plaza in the center of town, where it usually stands during Chanukah.  I immediately called the man whose firm has always put the menorah up for us, and he arranged for a crane to pick up the menorah from the school, and set it up. 

The menorah is constructed of a triangular base, a long stem, and the actual menorah, on top.  For some reason, even though they’ve been doing this for years already, this year they accidentally attached the middle section upside-down, resulting in the menorah standing only 6 meters tall, instead of its usual 9 meters.  By the time we saw this, the crane was gone, and there wasn’t a possibility of changing it.  The crane had been sent to work out of town, and we couldn’t find another one right away.  Obviously we were disappointed, but there wasn’t much we could do. 

The first evening of Chanukah arrived.  We had found another company with a “cherry-picker,” and signed a contract with them to come help us light the menorah every evening of Chanukah.  3:30, theappointed time, came and went.  No cherry-picker.  We called the company and were informed that they were really sorry, but a vital part of the machine had just broken, and they wouldn’t be able to get the part and repair it for over a week.  Everyone, including the news reporters, was there, but no cherry-picker!  We ran into the nearby bank and asked if they might have a very tall ladder that we could use.  They informed us that the tallest ladder they had stood – are you ready?  -- just under 6 meters tall!  If the menorah had been 9 meters tall, as it had always been in the past, we would not have been able to light it!  Frankly, my heart was in my throat, as my husband mounted the shaky ladder to light the menorah.  The next day, the non-Jewish guard in the bank said to me “Why did the rabbi have to climb up the menorah himself to light the menorah?  I looked out and saw him way up on the ladder and felt terrible – I would have done it for him!”  Everyone was very impressed that we just don’t give up. They had been sure that there was no way to light the menorah.   Just like with our other difficulties on our shlichus here, we will hang in here, till Hashem sends us another miracle – this time, G-d willing, a whopper of a big miracle, which we really need!  


































 More pictures can be seen in the photo galleries.



Of Mice and Men

There weren't enough mice in the new gift to Bais Menachem, but a previous donor had given us some totally antiquated computers, and the only thing that had been worth saving was the mice -- so it was no problem! 


We are very thankful to a man who is a true friend, Mr. R Guggenheim of Lifeline, for donating 8 used computers to the school, together with the networking hardware to begin to set up a system for our "computer lab."  The gift came just on time that our students were able to play Chanukah games on them during Chanukah. 










The school still needs several new model computers,  printers, scanners, furnishings, and a xerox machine.  If you are able to help us, or know of someone who can help, we would really appreciate hearing from you!












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